Saturday, March 10, 2007

Try to make it work

I wrote an earlier post about the multilateral talks regarding Iraq, and while I said I wasn't optomistic, I felt this was the only answer that might (maybe have a chance) work. All the other options will be failures. So leave it to Shrubs people to screw up basic diplomacy:

Reza Amiri, a senior official at the Iranian Foreign Ministry, dismissed American claims that Tehran was destabilizing Iraq by arming Shiite militias.The U.S. military has insisted that Iranian weapons, including a new generation of powerful roadsidebombs, have killed more than 170 U.S. and coalition troops here since mid-2004. "They're lying because it is just not true," Amiri told the AP. "Iraq's borders with Iran are the most secure of Iraqi borders. The Iraqi government has not even once said Iran is interfering in its affairs."

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