Tuesday, October 2, 2007

More Frustration

I do like Henry Waxman. I'm glad he's holding more investigations. But if today's Blackwater hearings are any indication, it's more of an exercise in futility:

I believe we acted appropriately at all times," Prince, a 38-year-old former Navy seal, told the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.

His testimony came as the FBI is investigating Blackwater personnel for their role in a Sept. 16 shootout that left 11 Iraqis dead. The incident and others, including a shooting by a drunk Blackwater employee after a 2006 Christmas party, has raised pointed questions by lawmakers about whether the government is relying too heavily on private contractors who fall outside the scope of the military courts martial system.

"Privatizing is working exceptionally well for Blackwater," said Rep. Henry Waxman, D-Calif., committee chairman. "The question for this hearing is whether outsourcing to Blackwater is a good deal to the American taxpayer, whether it's a good deal for the military and whether it's serving our national interest in Iraq."

Waxman said he agreed not to probe for specifics of the Sept. 16 incident during Tuesday's hearing, upon request by the Justice Department that Congress wait until the FBI concludes its investigation. But Waxman said it was still appropriate to probe Blackwater's company policies, and whether the State Department helped Blackwater cover up Iraqi deaths.

State Department officials said the U.S. and Iraqi ministry established a commission to examine use of contractors in Iraq. A separate U.S.-led panel, staffed with several independent adivsers, is reviewing the security practices of diplomats.


Like with the DOJ investigation, the hearing shows clearly that crimes were committed. Then...

Nothing happens. Show over.
The criminals go back to their crimes. Erik Prince will get MORE government contracts, MORE Iraqi's will die, and we'll all move on to the next scandal.
Lather, rinse, repeat.


Distributorcap said...

amazing huh?

Anonymous said...

Conyers seems to me to be the most instructive example. Somehow, he got loads done BEFORE he got the chairmanship. Now he almost seems to be going through the motions, like a lot of the Dems do on the really important issues. I felt like they did that on the union voting rules bill. Put it up. Let the Pubs knock it down. Game over. Sorry, you have to elect more of us next time.

My answer is why the hell do we constantly have to (supposedly) elect more and more and more of you to get anything done, while the Pubs don't ever have to because they can count on getting the votes of half of ours!!!

What kind of game is being played here?

I see it as a game of One Party System Pretending To Be Two Party System.

We forget that the Soviet soviet had long speeches snd deliberations and votes too.