Tuesday, October 2, 2007

This is Wrong

I've had a hard time posting lately. Call it "outrage fatigue", or"WTF, I can't keep up with this shit!", but I'm not writing as much as I should.
Tonight, I had a beer with one of the rethug members of the bar room debate group. And he gave me a slogan: "THIS IS WRONG". He's facing a health care situation, with insurance, and it will still cost him a ton of money. He'll figure out a way to pay for it, but the majority of us don't have that option.
We debated, and agreed on a basic fact: health care should not be based on profitability. When your treatment is about dollars, just say "THIS IS WRONG". There is a reason why we should help each other. We might need some help ourselves.
So much is wrong in America right now, and I am sure that I don't have the answers, but I do understand the need to say:

Added: My friends condition is not life threatening, only debilitating.


Anonymous said...

Good idea. Write it in chalk on the street.

PoliShifter said...

If only more people would see sicko.

So many people dislike Michael Moore and won't see the movie for that reason.

But the scene with the testimony before Congress of the Doctor who was denying coverage to people in order to increase profits thus ensure bonuses and promotions for herself should be enough to convinece everyone that a for-profit system where more money is made when you deny people care is wrong.

Life used to mean something more than just dollars and cents. These days it seems more and more people are just statistics; expendable in the name of corporate profit.

Distributorcap said...

and today President Smallpenis vetoed the child insurance bill because -- OMG, it might lead to some sort of socialized medicine.

yeah so families making up to $60,000 (try and raise a family on $60K today anywhere) can get some help insuring their children.

but socialized ratholes in Iraq -- sure lets sink another gazillion there....

you dont want to know what i am thinking about bush right now after than veto

Demeur said...

I tried to point out your facts to a troll on another site. He just didn't get it. Guess he had the feeling it wouldn't happen to him. What a moron. Also sad to think that if there were some national health care plan we could be more competetive in the world market but Shrub and his minions won't let it happen. Hope for a veto overide.

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen Sicko yet, but I certainly intend to.