Thursday, July 5, 2007

Bad analogy

Our Shrub, in a Independence Day speech to the troops:

Facing renewed wrangling with Democrats — and possibly some Republicans — over continuing the Iraq war, President Bush on Wednesday took Independence Day as an opportunity to hark back to another bloody war with no apparent end in sight.

Reading aloud from an article about the first Fourth of July celebration, in Philadelphia in 1777, and its “grand exhibition of fireworks,” Mr. Bush told the
audience of Air National Guard members and their families at the base here, “Our
first Independence Day celebration took place in a midst of a war — a bloody and
difficult struggle that would not end for six more years before America finally secured her freedom.”

Addressing National Guard members with the 167th Airlift Wing

I'm surely not the first to say it, but let's remember together...who won?...the native insurgents or the foreign occupiers?

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