Saturday, July 7, 2007

Hello, CNN readers

I rarely check the sitemeter, but this morning I did and found that we're getting a bunch of hits from CNN. So I took a look:

Blogs talking about this topic:

Glasgow Terror Suspect Charged

Physician Bilal Abdulla was charged today in connection with the Glasgow
terror bombings lastweekend. Abdulla is expected to be in court Saturday on
charges of conspiracy to cause explosions inthe pursuit of endangering lives.
The seven other physicians have not yet been charged. Wellthat‘s one down and
seven to go. That is for now....I don‘t do...

3 days ago

Paging Dr. Bomber

So the London and Glasgow firebombers are Docters? Huh? British police
focused Tuesday on at leastfive physicians and a medical student — including a
doctor seized at an Australian airport with aone-way ticket — in the
investigation into failed car bombings in Glasgow and London. Atleast four of
the eight suspects were identified as d...

UK Terror Watch: Dr Bilal Abdullah Charged in Glasgow Car Bo...

Dr. Bilal Abdulla arrested at the Glasgow Airport bombing Dr. Bilal Talal
Abdul SamadAbdulla, an Iraqi from Baghdad who arrived in the UK in April
2006. Dr. Bilal Abdulla has beentransferred to Paddington Green
high-security prison in London as the investigation continues Iraqi doctor Bilal
Abdullah tonight became the firs...

OK, I'm really flattered that CNN found us. But come on, there are WAY better blog posts out there. It scares me that someone at CNN would link to me as some kind of authority on anything.
But it is kinda cool.
Added: Now if only Jon Stewart would notice us:
  • Jon Stewart Sez
  • : "When I want news, I turn to CNN...and Skippy...the Bush Kangaroo."

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