Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Zymurgian's latest IPA

Oh my! To celebrate the 4th, Zymurgian has broken out his latest batch of IPA. Damn, but it's worthy of him. Hoppy, but with a clean finish. Full body, good head, and (I'm pretty sure-ask me in an hour) high ETOH content. Not a beer for the faint of heart, but if you're a fan of big beers this one's impressive. Wish that you readers could stop by and try one. Thanks, Zymurgian.

(y'all do know what Zymurgy means, don't you?)

Urp-date: Yeah, it's got a fairly high alcohol content. One is plenty, and I wouldn't try drinking more than four "unless you are a 30-ton elephant with bronchial pnuemonia".


whig said...

Hemp beer would be interesting, I think.

zymurgian said...

Generally, I experiment with brewing styles, rather than attempt to clone. So this latest batch of homebrew is a cross between a Scottish Wee Heavy and an American IPA.
I'm finding it okay (own worse critic, of course)Why i don't think it's way boss is a matter of climate.
I anticipated this, and did my best to "trick" Scottish ale yeast into thinking they weren't flocculating in a 7000ft desert by various means. Nevertheless, the ambient temperature of this house is 30 degrees warmer than dank, damp, misty Pictland. So the lads overattenuated a bit, I think. Higher, "fusel" alcohols are slightly evident, when they would have been inhibited under British climactic conditions.
Right Pygalgia- she sure is an ass-kicker, though. Sure to make Budlight types run away screaming. Glad you like it!
To be fair, I am impressed this batch turned out as well as it did . Not exactly an ale for heatwave conditions. Good for our cool evenings, though. Also pleased to say this was brewed with the dormant yeast cake from a previous batch- succesfully kept healthy and sanitary, which can be tricky.
Whig- cannibinols are way closely related to the hop oils cumulone and humulone, but the omega 3 acids in hemp oils make for a very flat, greasy ale, unless you wait six months or so for it to break down. "Hemp" and beer do go great together, if in a different propensity!

pygalgia said...

I have had a really good hemp beer, but that's not legal. Not that it's ever stopped me before.