Monday, September 10, 2007

Another Way to See It

Well, the pics were my plan. But some guy named "jasonC" wrote a better one:

Having had a few hours to take in Four-Star Ass-Kicking General Petraeus's testimony and subsequent media slobberfest, how would you say the war in Iraq is going?

A. Pretty fuckin awesome.
B. Really really pretty fuckin awesome.
C. Ejaculatory.
D. No time to answer... my Republican friends and I are on the way to our nearest
recruitment center. Wooo! Endless War! Endless War! Endless War!

Which of the following best describes General Petraeus?

A. Military supergenius.
B. Batman.
C. Jesus Christ's general, if Jesus Christ were ever to lead a divided nation into invading weaker, oil-rich nation for cynical politcal ends.
D. Tool of his masters, Cheney and Chimp I mean... Really honest, with no reason to lie to us about what's really going on in Iraq.

They say that even a broken clock is right two times a day. When do you think this will finally happen for Thomas Friedman and friends?

A. Six months from now.
B. Six months from six months from now.
C. Shut up. You just don't get it.
D. All of the above or none of the above. We'll just have to see...

I plan to turn local this week. The "real" world is starting to depress me.


Anonymous said...

Petraeus and Powell are interesting figures. Both somehow - I'm not sure anybody knows quite how, considering their dubious backgrounds - aquired reputations as brilliant and honorable men and both chose to squander those (mysteriously aquired) reputations in the service of the Bush Family.

It's like the Bush Family has the ability to suck the soul right out of a human being, turning him or her into a slobbering zombie.

Anonymous said...

Pecker-Us, Pace, Powell. The Three P's. As in, "Piss Poor Prevaricators."