Friday, September 14, 2007

A Busy Weekend

Sometimes, a bunch of things happen all at once. I'm looking at a busy weekend, with all kinds of fun stuff lined up.
First up, the annual "Pickin' in the Pines" bluegrass festival (, where some of my friends are having a reunion of a band that broke up a few years ago today. While I'm going to miss the Saturday lineup for reasons listed below, I'm hoping to catch Sunday when another friends band is playing.
Tomorrow is the annual "Flagstaff Gear Swap" where I've found some great deals on river equipment in the past. While I don't have a whole lot of money to spend, it's fun to wander around and look for deals. I hate to shop unless it's for "river stuff".
After that, I'll participate in the yearly clean up of the Rio De Flag. The Rio runs from near my house through downtown and on. During monsoon season a lot of trash gets washed down the Rio, and once a year we have a community clean up gathering. It's a great social event, as well as a worthwhile city beautification project.
Saturday night is the "Rock the Peaks" event for Howard Shanker, with music by Blackfire (if you haven't heard Blackfire, go here and crank your speakers up). I'm one of Howard's volunteers for the event, so if you're in Flagstaff, please stop by.

Of course, if I had more money, I'd be here:

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Anyway, don't be surprised if posting is light (or non-existent) this weekend. There are some things that are more fun than blogging (besides sex; that's a given).

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Suzy said...

My daughter made it to the march in Washington. I have yet to get a report.