Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I can answer that question

Gen. Petraeus had a tough time answering a question from Sen. John Warner (R-VA):
Senator Warner: Are you able to say at this time if we continue what you have laid before the congress here,this strategy. do you feel that that is making America safer?

General Petraeus: Sir, I believe this is indeed the best course of action to achieve our objectives in Iraq.

Warner: Does that make America safer?

General Petraeus: Sir I don't know actually.

Allow me to help you out, General. The correct answer is "no".


Distributorcap said...

when you cannot answer yes, the answer is no

how fucking unbelievable was this

do you think Petraeus maybe spending more time with his family soon?

Anonymous said...

Sure makes you wonder what he means by "our objectives in Iraq".

Mary Ellen said...

General Petreaus will try to backtrack on that, but it can't be done. He's a coward who is more concerned about keeping his job than telling the truth that could protect his troops.

cognitorex said...

A net blogger, "Larkrise" makes a key point..."but I suspect that the loss of any financial comfort will be the only means to effect substantive change for the better."
I agree and see a potentially win win solution.
The GOP wants to continue the Iraq war at its present level.
The GOP is the party of corporate and affluent interests.
Ergo, morally, ethically and economically sound policy dictates that a war surtax be enacted.
If 130,000 plus troops for years is valid and beneficial for American interest, it follows that today's voters and leaders, and not the middle class or our children, should step up and fund this policy.

addendum: We and the Brits have left the oil rich part of Iraq and its port for shipments, i.e. the most vital part of Iraq to Iranian influenced warring bands of Shiites. Elsewhere our troops are attacked hundreds of times a day.
What in the holy christ are we exactly doing there? Defending the contractors in non National Interest territory???

BadTux said...

Whenever leftys tell me "We're in Iraq for the oil", I point out that our troops are currently occupying the only part of Iraq that doesn't HAVE oil. They get quiet after that.

So why ARE we in Iraq, again? I'm just as confused as you. Nobody's given me a reason that makes any sense. In a way, I wish it WAS all about oil. At least that'd make sense. Not this constant drip, drip, drip of blood in the gutter as the Army pursues goals that have nothing to do with making America and Americans safer.

- Badtux the Oily Penguin