Friday, September 14, 2007

peaches and grass

Our president is an idiot. Chances are, if you are perusing this blog, you already carry this sentiment. His cabinet is fool of crooks, we surmise. In fact, little of what our government does impresses the details of my life, your life, unless you really think about it, Huh? Our lives.
Which is, after all, all we know.
they say- "some see the trees and some see the forest. " Both perceptions are important and i just feel like sometimes this blog is a little "tree obsessed" with its proclivities. Like, "So and so committed this atrocity"Here's a forest view of The United States Of America right now.

Any clan, kingdom, nation etc. ever, has prioritized economic strategies. Assure the people they will be fed. This is the function of congressmen and kings of yore. Defence is next, of course, then- i dunno- Justice? Or does religion cum before that?
Sophomoric anthropology lecture over. Sorryboutthat.

Hermes Trismegestus, ancient Egyptian philosopher, alchemist, brewer, said"As above- so below".
This Shrub. He thinks there are a whole slew of Austrians livin down there in Australia. He (it?) is self-enamoured, insincere, greedy and ignorant. Arrogant. Stupid. Indomitable. Vapid.
Second lecture over, mutherfuckers! The problem with The United States Of America is not our politicians. They are but trees. The vast canopy of our nation is wilting fast because we want absolutely everything, and think we are entitled to it. But we're runnin outta shit. Like, yknow we told those Indians we would never cross the Appalachian mountains. But we ran outta shit so we just had to (sorry guys!) Economy think tanks have known for at least 50 years that if we are to survive, we must conquer all of The Middle East oil before someone else does. Dredging it from arctic sands is just boring. If any non-norte amerikanz are reading this now, if you got something that we have gobbled all up and still crave, watch out!
The problem is not Shrub and his minions. Poor fella had to conquer oil reserves because maybe you are not willing to give up your car. If everybody gave up cars, i reckon our politicians wouldn't feel so obliged to take over The Middle East. Will you consider that please.
So I don't think Lao Tzu or Machiavelli or my man Hermes-T would have differed with my opinion that an emperor/king/chief/president whose deeds are self-enamoured, insincere, greedy, ignorant, arrogant, stupid, indomitable and vapid- could flourish in a virtuous society...
Substitute manifest destiny for "try not to hurt anybody. " Everytime you walk out yer door to the world , purge thyself of all the symptoms that are making America ill. Is there maybe a little bit of Shrub in all of us ? (please do not bomb my house) If you are really sincere about supporting our troops ordered to conquer others for their resources because you have an unalienable right to a Snicker burger or something. Walk. Bike. Ride the frickin bus. Your car is the root of the problem, idiot.
Social studies class is now over folks. ("but is the professor stoned?")


Distributorcap said...

always loved the term from any politician ---"our interests" -- which is exactly what you have been saying.......

Chimpy is really a sympton of some very deep wounds in this society. but unfortunately this sympton is making those wounds even deeper

Fran said...

What a thought provoking post.

And if the professor is stoned, class has been all the better for it!