Thursday, September 13, 2007

Shrub Speaks

Our shrub will go on TV tonight. I will not be watching. For me to actually watch shrub requires a combination of tranquilizers, anti-depressants, beer, and other substances that would be quite unhealthy. Only Doc Thompson could handle that level of combined intoxicants, and look how that ended up. In the past, people created drinking games for shrub's speeches. I never played the games, as I needed to start drinking prior to watching to avoid shooting my television.
Besides, I already know what lies will be spouted. Why bother?
Added: Luckily for me, tonight is our local drinking liberally night.
Drinking Liberally


Anonymous said...

Any alcohol would be better for you than his kool aid.

Mary Ellen said...

Sometimes you need a shot and a beer to get through Bush's speeches, that's true. You just have to turn it into a game. You can take a drink for everytime he says the words "al Qaeda" "9/11" or "success". Or, you could watch his body language as he speaks. If he blinks a lot, that means he's really telling a whopper of a lie. If he smirks, you know that he thinks he's fooling you, and if he starts to weave back and forth, it means he took too much up the nose before the speech.

It's fun!

pygalgia said...

Yeah, but I'd end up passed out and feeling like shit the next morning.