Thursday, September 13, 2007

Happy Rosh Hoshanah

I'm not a religious person, but in one of those strange twists that prove that if there is a "God" he/she has a sense of humor: technically, I can be considered Jewish. This is because I have one Jewish grandparent. I'm technically eligible to become an Israeli citizen, and welcome to join a synagogue. Considering that my ancestry is predominately Scottish, and that the one Jewish grandparent was not orthodox, it's a strange position.
Growing up, we noted Jewish holidays with my grandparents. Looking back, I should have exploited this for more days off from school. But I never thought of it.
Rosh Hoshanah is the Jewish New Year, and the year is now 5768. Happy New Year!
Added: As further proof of the quirks of religion, today is also the first day of Ramadan. I'll have another post for that later.


Anonymous said...

Funny, you don't look Scottish.

(sorry, bad joke)

Anonymous said...

Ethnically, I'm the Jewiest Jew who ever Jewed, I think. But I regard myself as Christian.