Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Howard Shanker

I've officially volunteered for Howard Shanker's campaign for the AZ-01 congressional seat http://www.howardshankerforcongress.com/ , and looking forward to a really interesting campaign. This doesn't mean that Pygalgia will become a "Howard Shanker" blog (we're way too foul mouthed to be too closely associated to a campaign), but I will be announcing events that local folk might be interested in. So here's the first campaign event announcement:

This is a great start.

Live Music Featuring:

Saturday, September 15, 2007
Doors Open 6:30pm
Music 7pm - 10pm
VIP Reception 10pm - 11pm

Mogollon Brewing Company
15 N Agassiz St.
Flagstaff, AZ 86001

For those who aren't familiar with Blackfire, go here: http://www.blackfire.net/index2.shtml

Turn your speakers up LOUD.

Blackfire is a trio of Navajo siblings who play a sort of tribal-punk-political-rock, and their latest double-disk album "[Silence] is a Weapon" is one I highly recommend. To have them playing a fundraiser for Howard is a sign of how popular he is with the Native American community.

I've posted before on why I've been impressed with Howard as a candidate, but here's his opening statement:

“Development and growth must be sustainable, economically viable, environmentally responsible, and good for all Arizonans.”

“Arizona should be the solar and wind energy capital of the world. We should be working to develop renewable energy sources to end our reliance on foreign oil, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and promote economic growth in the District.”

“The character of our involvement in Iraq must change. We need to develop a responsible exit-plan that will bring our troops home safely. We must replace our current military posture with an international effort to rebuild their war torn country. We need to negotiate a political
solution to the current morass.”

“It is essential that our veterans are treated with dignity and respect, and provided with comprehensive healthcare and social services.”

“Governmental fraud, waste, and abuse have become commonplace. It is time to elect responsible lawmakers. The wholesale privatization of essential governmental functions must stop.”

I find myself agreeing with all of it. We need more members of congress who are truly progressive, and if we can elect Howard to replace "Mr. Corruption" Rick Renzi we'll be one step forward.

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