Friday, October 19, 2007

all in all it's just a ...

i work for a catering business. Usually, at some point during the morning, after having accomplished something- say- butterflying 50 chicken breasts and stuffing them with goat cheese and coarsely ground figs or whatever, i step out back for a hand rolled smoke, a cup of coffee and the local newspaper.
i was heartened to read that some dehydrated hikers were saved by helicopter in Sycamore Canyon. (have had plenty perilous experiences in the Southwest) But of course this wasn't front page news. What did make the bottom of the front page of the newspaper talked about the fact that- the wall being built to keep Mexicans out of The U.S. is mostly built of steel pipe that is emblazingly inscribed-"made in China" .
So during my morning break, i not only got to enjoy coffee and tobacco, but a hearty belly-laugh as well, as i am such the lover of irony.

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Fran said...

Made in China and then, before I knew you, I wrote about this!