Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Losing the Thought

I'm stuck in one of those "I can't make sense of this" spots. This could be the result of drugs combined with strange people combined with our modern world. Or maybe it's just me.
I helped a friend get her furnace up and working for the winter. Wasn't that much work, but she likes to smoke certain herbs, I did.
Then I went to the brewery for a beer.
As I was talking with two women who are both local "artists", I found myself involved in a debate about "abstract art" and the human brain. Both women are in the process of getting divorced, and were talking about it's impact on their "art" (for the record, I think one is a really good artist. The other one's work doesn't strike any chord with me. But what do I know about art?), but then they started talking about divorce and endorphins, and how they impact the creative process. I wanted to say "you've both made art for years. Do you need drama to make art?", but I didn't.
On the other side was a debate between Sweaterman and Ghandisxmas about Israel and Iran, and the influence of AIPAC. Normally, I would have jumped right in. But I was either stoned or confused, so I passed.
(OK, throw in gastro-intestinal issues that made me want to go home. Have you ever had a case of flatulence that was bad enough that you wouldn't want to be in public?)

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