Saturday, October 20, 2007

Some Saturday Stuff

A few assorted thoughts on a Saturday morning:

I see that Attorney General nominee Michael Mukasey "isn't sure" whether waterboarding is "torture". Well, I can think of one surefire way to find out. As a part of his confirmation hearing, he should be waterboarded on the senate floor while being questioned. I realize that this may be rather cruel, but it would make the "torture" question quite clear to the American people and the world. If Mukasey can go through the waterboarding and then say "that wasn't torture", I suppose it would then be legitimate, but I'd bet on the opposite. And then we could end the practice for the good of America.

Old Fortnoy "Pete" Stark sure knows how to stir up a reaction when he speaks, doesn't he? Not that it's anything new. He's been bombastic throughout his years in politics. I've always liked Pete's "no more bullshit" style (he represents my Mom's district) and has plenty of courage to face the backlash. I'm not expecting him to apologize for his remarks; in fact I expect he'll just repeat them louder.
Added: I should mention that Stark is the only self-proclaimed atheist in congress.

My congressional candidate, Howard Shanker ( will be chatting over at Firedoglake at 11:00 am PT today. Feel free to go over and throw some questions at him. (and Howard, next time give me a little more timely heads up, would you please?).
Added: Howard did a very good job, fielding a wide variety of questions and giving strong, clear answers. I'll try to put some of them into a post soon, but I suggest you go read them.

Cold pizza makes a great Saturday breakfast food.

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Suzy said...

Cold pizza? That's what I had for breakfast this morning too.