Thursday, March 1, 2007

Dividing my loyalties

Blow for beer as biofuels clean out barley

Aargh! I'm a big fan of biofuels...but I'm also a big fan of beer. Please don't make me choose:

"One consequence, he said, could be a long-term shift upwards in the price of
beer. Barley and hops account for about 7-8 per cent of brewing costs.

Barley, which is used for making beer, whisky and animal feed, has seen
prices prices soar over the last 12 months."


Anonymous said...

That's kind of wierd because you can make ethanol out of almost anything like wood scraps, switchgrass, sugar beets, corn. Think I recall it being made from algae.

pygalgia said...

Quite true that you can. But corp America takes the easiest route. I actually plan to do a post soon on the algae to ethanol cycle. This was just a note on the current situation.