Saturday, March 3, 2007

Looking for positive news

Reading the news this morning seemed almost too depressing. I felt like an un-medicated mortician as I slogged throughout Afghanistan and Iraq news. But I did find one story that may (but only may) lead to some progress:

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia -- Following their first official talks in Saudi
Arabia, the Iranian and Saudi leaders on Saturday pledged to fight the spread of
sectarian strife in the Middle East, which they said was the biggest danger
facing the region.

If Iran and Saudi Arabia truly work together toward reducing sectarian
violence, perhaps some stabilization could come to Iraq. I realize this is a
long shot, but it's a better shot than Shrub's escalation. Given all the bad
options, I've gotta cling to any hopeful idea.

Added: Also worth reading, Cernig at Newshog:

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