Monday, February 4, 2008

Adding to the Blogroll

Thanks to "Blogroll Amnesty Day", I've made additions to the blogroll. And fine and worthy blogs they are! Check out:
Jon Swift
Buck Naked Politics
The Impolitic
Ornery Bastard
Moue Magazine
Watergate Summer
Outta the cornfield
Man Eegee
Just for starters. This amnesty thing has given me a whole new list of blogs to read. Now I just need a few more hours added to the day.


Phil said...

Thank you kindly!
I still fucking giggle every time I think of the definition.
I'm easily entertained I guess.


ThePoliticalCat said...

Hey, Pygalgia,

Can I hop onto your blogroll? I'll put you on mine. Come by and see if you'd like to hang with me.