Monday, February 4, 2008


Well, I'll be "blog free" tomorrow. I'm running a polling place, so "super-duper" tuesday results will be in before I get to play. As, I start at 5:00am and finish around 9:00pm. If you're a partisan with a primary, I hope you vote. I know I have.
Best (and most revealing) line from election setup, from the "Republican" judge:
"Who do I have to vote for? Mutt Romney? Juan McCain? Jesus the Huck? I'm glad I'm playing referee, because I don't like any of them. I hope they all lose."
Note: I'm the "Official" "Democrat", so there must be an "Official" "Republican" on the electoral board.
I just try to make sure that every vote counts.
But I will be watching the turnout, as my polling place includes the university.