Saturday, February 9, 2008


Browsing around the web this morning, it looks like almost all the major blogs are holding fundraisers, and I wish them luck. But I'll take this opportunity to post an update on my own situation: I'm broke. I'm working, doing an accomadation remodeling for a disabled friend who's about to have another surgery which will further limit her mobility, and I will be getting paid for it. But because it's the state Disability Support Service paying, I won't be seeing a check for several weeks, and by then it will again time to pay rent. I also have a job interview with the County on Thursday, but again that isn't immediate help. So I'm going to "bleg" a little here.
Most everyone I know falls into one of three catagories: Getting by, barely getting by, or struggling to get by, so I understand that there's nothing left to spare for most folks.
Certainly, monkeyfister's tornado relief project is more important and urgent than my personal difficulties, but if you find that you can spare a small amount after that please consider using the "donate" button on the sidebar. Thanks.


Demeur said...

I'd like to help but it looks like we'll be having some funeral expenses comming up shortly. You never said if you got my letter. If you didn't let me know so I can trace it. As for me I'm just hangin in there until employment picks up. I guess we have to be like ants or bears. Store up for the winter.

Anonymous said...

Medical insurance went up $75/month and we're spending more than we're bringing in now. I'm thinking about writing an appeal letter to get myself put into another insurance pool but right now we're not equipped to do much to help. How much do those Beltway journalists get paid again?

Anonymous said...


It was a tough choice between you and Atrios.* But, since I just hit my last straw with Atrios, and removed him from my Blogroll, I guess you win!

It wasn't a tough choice at all, really! He was long over-due for some Blogroll Amnesty, anyway.