Friday, August 31, 2007

Do you see a pattern here?

Actually, there isn't one.
Iowa now allows gay marriage. Good for them, but I can't see Iowa becoming the new Mecca for gays.
Tony Snow is resigning as press secretary. As liars go, he had better hair than Ari Fliescher. But Dana Perino could become the best looking liar for the administration if she wears a low-cut blouse (yeah, it's slightly sexist to say that. sue me.).
John Warner won't be running for re-election. Based on polls, this means that only the first name will have to be changed on his office.
Lt. Gen. David Petreaus said that "there has been a 75% drop in sectarian killings", while noting that there has been an overall increase in deaths. This is "progress", because they aren't being killed over religion.
Meanwhile, the "green zone fog" must be pretty thick:
But even such tight control could not always filter out the bizarre world inside the barricades. At one point, the three were trying to discuss the state of Iraqi security forces with Iraq's national security adviser, Mowaffak al-Rubaie, but the large, flat-panel television set facing the official proved to be a distraction. Rubaie was watching children's cartoons.

When Moran asked him to turn it off, Rubaie protested with a laugh and said, "But this is my favorite television show," Moran recalled.

Porter confirmed the incident, although he tried to paint the scene in the best light, noting that at least they had electricity.

"I don't disagree it was an odd moment, but I did take a deep breath and say, 'Wait a minute, at least they are using the latest technology, and they are monitoring the world,' " Porter said. "But, yes, it was pretty annoying."

real news of significance

It's somehow reassuring to hear that the Iraqi National Security Advisor has time to enjoy cartoons. And that Rep. Porter considers this "monitoring the world".


Anonymous said...

Okay, as soon as I'm done exercising.....I am going to counteract the good benefits with a very stiff drink.

After that, I shall work on my own version of reality.

Distributorcap said...

how fast before Larry Craig says "he is not gay" today during his i-dont-want-to-resign-but-will-for-the-good-of-the-party speech?

the inmates are truly running this asylum