Thursday, August 30, 2007

Where did I put those WMD's

Back in late 2003, our local NPR affiliate had a delightful spoof piece titled "Where did I put those WMD's?". It coincided with reports that no WMD's had been found in Iraq, and in it a woman is searching her house and garage for her missing WMD's. A very funny piece.
Now we have this from the UN:

The United Nations found potentially lethal vials of a chemical warfare agent, removed from Iraq a decade ago, in offices near its New York headquarters but officials said on Thursday there was no danger.

The FBI and New York police were called in to remove the substances and were on the site, across the street from U.N. headquarters on Thursday.

The materials included phosgene, an older generation chemical warfare agent, which could have been lethal if it had evaporated, the officials said.;_ylt=AhqMv5vnSj1qxkf6fhP05V8XIr0F

I can't wait to see what the anti-UN rightwingers say about this one. I'm guessing they'll run with it for weeks.

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Anonymous said...

Well,what do you expect from a bunch of foreigners anyway?

I'm sure it wasn't some American official who stashed his or her souvenir at the U.N.