Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I haven't posted anything on the Larry Craig scandal, well, because it just seemed like too much low hanging fruit. I've come to expect the republicans to do something hypocritical everyday. It's what they do.
So when I read this by Mark Gisleson (of, who I really should add to the blogroll), I knew I had to share it:
It was at this point that I just had to stop reading. "Self-respecting Republican"? Where on earth would you find one of those?

Sure there was such a thing once upon a time, but all those people are Libertarians or independents now. No person with any decency or honor could cling still to the stinking, fetid remains of George Bush's empire.

The Republicans are who they are, and that is being made more clear with each new scandal. No principles have ever been at risk in their enterprise as the new Republicans don't belong to a party. They belong to a confederacy of greed, a loose knit scallawaggery of rutting preachers, racist freaks, gun waving jerks, passive-aggressive homemakers, ego-driven entrepreneurs, soulless technocrats, fringe dwelling lunatics, plutocrats, oligarchs, WASPs, rednecks, gyrenes, grunts, no necked
Nascarites, stiff necked Hoosiers, pork rind eating good ol' boys, displaced aristocracy, closet freaks, self-impressed realtors, secretarially fellated Chambers of Commerce, procreation-crazed evangelicals, brain-hardened seniors, adulterous golfers, neocons, oreos, bananas, coconuts and former members of various C.I.A. armies from around the world.

The worst thing we could ever do to them would be to lock 'em all up in a room together.

I really can't say it any better than that.

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Anonymous said...

I'm so ashamed to see the sad, but true label stiff-necked Hoosiers, on the list of horses-asses who comprise the Republican Not a Party.


A native Hoosier with a swivel neck