Wednesday, August 29, 2007

People I Know

This is a true story involving some of my friends. I'm trying to make it coherent, but it strays into areas that only Doc Thompson could've handled.
A young friend of mine returns from Iraq tomorrow, and we're looking forward to seeing him. I'm actually closer to his parents, but I've known him as a friend and fellow river runner. "A" (yeah, I'm keeping anonymity for the family) is an adventurous soul, and when he got himself into some minor trouble with the law, he joined the marines. From all reports, he's done well, and upheld the proud tradition of the corps.
So what's "A" going to do on his leave? In this case, his leave time corresponds with the county fair. So he'll be competing in the demolition derby on Saturday. And if he advances, again on Sunday.
Yep, fresh back from Iraq, he enters a demolition derby.
It's a bit of a family tradition. "A"'s mother "D" has been a regular competitor in the demolition derby for years, but she can't do it this year. "D" suffered a broken back in a plane crash a little over a month ago (they're an adventurous family). She's healing well, but isn't ready for a demolition derby.
Normally, I'm not much of a derby fan. But I'll be watching this time, and I know where my bet will be. In a car smashing contest, I'll bet on the marine fresh back from Iraq.


Anonymous said...

You mean you won't be driving a pickup truck in the demolition derby?

It's been ages since I went to a derby!

pygalgia said...

Not me. I try to avoid smashing into other vehicles. But I do owe you a pickup truck story. You'll get one sometime soon.
I will be going to watch. And maybe bet (something I only do when I think I have the odds).