Monday, August 27, 2007

News? or maybe not

So, I see the major news is all about the coolant leak at the Yankee nuclear plant, right? I'm sure you've all read it, but here's the report:

A cooling tower structure at the Vermont Yankee nuclear plant that partially collapsed Tuesday underwent a full inspection.

"It was determined acceptable for continued operation," said Rob Williams, spokesman for plant owner Entergy Nuclear.

Williams said the collapse, which occurred Tuesday afternoon and left a gaping hole in the side of the structure, caused Entergy to reduce power output by 50 percent until
repairs are carried out.

Osama has won. We'll just commit a slow suicide now. Because our media tells us to.

Gov. Jim Douglas said he has asked the Public Safety Department to look into the incident and report back to him. He said Vermonters should understand that the tower problem did not pose a risk of a radioactive release.

"I'll wait for the report and take it from there," Douglas said. "Certainly, that kind of structural problem is of great concern to me and I'm sure to everyone."

OK, it's only "hot water". But I never saw this story until monkeyfister picked it up. Maybe I'm wrong, but I have a problem with commercial media. I don't watch much TV, but tonight I was faced with network news. Michael Vick is guilty and somebody named "Lindsay" did something to get back in the news. Then a brief mention that "Attorney General Resigns" crawled across the bottom of the screen.
There is the reason that I read blogs.
And, um, I'm not an engineer, but, really, when cooling fails, um, doesn't heat increase, and um, doesn't the chance of meltdown increase?
Oh, yeah. I forgot how bad government regulation hurt business.


Jess Wundrun said...


Grover Norquist can let up the corpse now, the government has been drowned.

the mostly reverend said...

"plant workers checked the structure Aug. 13, after an odd noise was heard coming from the building, and again on Sunday, but no problem was found..."


and they're concerned about who took the photos?????

very comforting words, guv'nah.

Anonymous said...

And the media would say "meh."

Because it's way more relevant to know that Britney Spears puts teeth whitening strips on her kids' teeth.