Friday, June 29, 2007

Car Bombs

So 2 car bombs in London, that luckily were defused, were both Mercedes. I know this is somewhat irreverent, but why would you use a Mercedes? If you're going to blow up a car, wouldn't a Ford be a better choice? I used to own a Mercedes, and it was a marvelous car. On the other hand, every Ford I've ever owned left me feeling a strong urge to blow them up (not as an act of terrorism, but because they deserved it).
Really though, if your just going to blow a car up, shouldn't it be a cheap crappy car?


Anonymous said...

This reminds me of the guy who was going to melt the Brooklyn Bridge with an acetylene torch. You can do a little damage with gasoline, not very much.

SweaterMan said...

Actually, that's part of the psychology of it - what kind of fool would blow up a Mercedes? Answer: nobody would blow up a Mercedes. Ergo, said Mercedes cannot possibly have a bomb in it.

Move along...go about your business...these are not the droids you're look-


zymurgian said...

Well, many suicide bombers anticipate a gaggle of willing nubile virgins flitting about elysian fields. Chicks dig nice cars. Give the houris something to tilt their heads and snap their bubblegum at.