Wednesday, June 27, 2007

what i meant to say is...

My grandfather- Jack Welsh, lived to be 98. My mom's dad. He was such an asshole.
I mean, the dude absolutely hated anyone that wasn't "hardscrabble irish-catholic. Anyway, he had a special vehemence for "colored folks." He called them "porch monkeys".
Well Grandpa, you hateful dead curmudgeon, I happen to like hanging out on what passes for a porch on my dwelling. I kick it on a couch, watch all the poor darkies across the street make the best of their toys... I mean, uumphg... I appreciate the changing hue of the peaks and ephemeral birdsong. I am, Grandpa, an official porch monkey. So vomit a little more whiskey into yer casket, noteworthy ancestor!

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