Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Sweaterman's 8-ball List

  1. I'm adopted, and the only thing I know about my birth parents is that they were in college and (I assume) felt that a child would interfere with their educational goals, so they put me up for adoption (at the time, abortion wasn't really an issue/option in the U.S. as it wasn't legal). I was in a foster home for 2 weeks until my current parents got me (for the bargain price of $200!). The foster parents called me Kevin. I met them once when I was in my late teens and there is a picture of newborn me with them somewhere, but I couldn't find it on a bet.
  2. It took me until I was 31 years of age to truly, deeply understand the phrase "sex, drugs, and rock-and-roll".
  3. I have a severe allergy to Bermuda grass, but managed to mow the lawn weekly for seven years. Without a mask.
  4. I am, by my own admission, too loud, boisterous, and "life-of-the-partyish". Even sober.
  5. I am rational and skeptical and scientific, so even though I grew up in the 70's, curiosity about mystical things like astrological signs, chakras, and auras really holds no fascination for me.
  6. That said, by birth I am (apparently) a water sign, and as a life-long swimmer and scuba diver, maybe there is something to all that.
  7. I have the honor of having won not one, but TWO Ladmo bags. The big ones. Once on the show, and once at the old Christown Theater. For those who don't know that that means, you can check out: And, of course I didn't save them; I'm not one of those obsessives who rat-packs every little fucking thing in the hopes that it'll be worth a fortune someday on eBay. I have a life.
  8. I have an inordinate fondness for number theory; specifically Goldbach's Conjecture (go ahead, Google it, you know you want to). I wrote many programs in graduate school for prime number generation, integer decomposition (factoring) and the like, and found some fascinating patterns, but finally gave most of it up, as it tends to make you batshit insane (see the movie pi, if you can stand the jerky camera shots).


pygalgia said...

And you do a great Dylan impersonation.

zymurgian said...

Most admittedly, I care more for the well-crafted sentence than the message. Yer prose has been excellent lately! THX

Anonymous said...

Number theory can lead one into the more practical direction of information theory, so that while looking for patterns you can actually make and receive them.

Pie. I wish I could determine pi. Eureka! cried the great inventor. Christmas pudding, Christmas pie is the problem's very center!