Monday, June 25, 2007

pet troubles, part IX

You might ask, "what color is your pet dinosaur?" I would describe her as travertine mauve. Most assurably cenzoic, probably early-jurassic, Noam has lots of scales. She appears ponderous, but can be quite lithe. Hmmm... howtaputit.... a cross between a tracheosaurus and an allisaurus, with a feline disposition and an olfactory wit better than a beagle's. She purrs when she's pleased and it makes the ground shake.
She's been with me for a spell now. At first I kept Noam tied with a titanium leash to a big tree. -kay first of all Noam is a jealous creature, demanding affection and consolation constantly much like canis stupidis. While I'm at home and she knows it, my dinosaur is compliant and restive, munching contentedly on vapid philosophy books(seems to be her preferred diet) But the absence of my scent renders Noam inconsolable. Noam yowls and yowls when she sees me go to work every morning. "Waaaaaaagh!"
One time I left my house to go to a party, a couple miles away. Well, shortly after arriving there , here come Noam galumphing down the street, dragging, at the end of her leash, a ponderosa tree.
My pet ruined some one's birthday party. Not only with her girth and indelicacy, but my dinosaur sniffed out all the watery sangria wine them folks were drinkin, and she took a fancy to it.
Howtaputit- my pet is distressing to most folks, but she did show up to the party with a pride of stray cats...that, and she's wasted on sangria and dragging a pine tree around downtown. Damn, well , shit- I'm really thinking about taking Noam to the Humane Society. Unless any of ya'll got a hankerin for a fickle dinosaur?

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pygalgia said...

Look, we have seven or eight bookshelves and are still unboxing some books. But the collection of philosophy is really getting eaten up to fast. If Noam eats one more Kafka I will have to beat him up.