Saturday, June 30, 2007

My kind of protest

From Norway, Maine:
At noon on Saturday, July 7, a group of what Fuda describes as "very pissed-off citizens" will march into town carrying protest signs against the Iraq War, President George W. Bush, and marijuana and nudity laws. As they make their way to Butters Park at the head of Main Street, where they have been assigned as part of the Downtown Festival activities, Fuda promises there will be open marijuana smoking and nude streakers.

At least it has some entertainment value.
Fudafest, or Fully Unclothes Dancing Activism Festival, is described by its founder on the Fudafest Web site as "a clothing-optional protest against unjust laws, especially marijuana laws." The 39-year-old Norway resident said he began the festival in 1992 on his McKay Road property in hopes of "bringing the hippies, punks and metal heads together to fight for their rights. Their right to party, dance and be naked."

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